Walnet Media

We want to make sure that your brand’s story is told, and that it’s the right story. A brand’s identity is not only what you choose to share, but also what others are sharing about you. To us, online marketing and web development is about creating and deploying useful, fresh content at the exact moment your customers need it.

Walnet Solutions

Walnet Solutions is Walnut Networks’ ideas engine tasked with designing, developing, and deploying new and innovative technologies. We create essential, elegant, and effective business solutions that enhance and empower our client’s business needs. Our research and development team has led to the creation of a collection of fresh and intuitively functional products.


DC2GO is a compact, portable, IT vendor neutral, high-density data center solution that you can place anywhere. Designed, built, and homegrown in Halifax, Nova Scotia, DC2GO is an innovative solution to the rapidly increasing need for efficient, scalable, and modifiable portable data centers.